Your Top Questions Answered! (Dec 2013)

We get a lot of ques­tions here at The HOTH. Many of them we hear more than once, so we thought we’d do a round up of your top ques­tions and put all our answers here!

Below you’ll find the answers to the most fre­quent ques­tions we’ve got­ten in the last few months. Do you have other ques­tions you’d like to ask? Leave ‘em in the comments!

What’s up with Pen­guin 2.1?

At The HOTH, our main con­cerns are results and safety. Our con­tent dis­tri­b­u­tion tech­nolo­gies mimic the path of viral con­tent — which Google loves. This is the most nat­ural way to get tons of links quickly, mean­ing faster rank­ings, all while keep­ing your sites safe.

We have been con­stantly updat­ing our ser­vice over the last few years to stay one step ahead of Google updates, but there are a few things to keep in mind when order­ing links:

1. Pen­guin 2.1 only affected a small per­cent­age of search queries. A drop in rank­ings does not always indi­cate a Google penalty. You’ll want to look at your site’s his­tory and see if you notice fluc­tu­a­tions based on the dates of Google updates.

2. Pen­guin hit sites that had an over-optimization of anchor text. Now, more than ever, it is impor­tant to vary the key­words that you are opti­miz­ing so that one par­tic­u­lar key­word doesn’t take up too much of your pro­file. Don’t just use vari­a­tions of your key­word, but actu­ally use naked anchors ( and benign phrases (blog, link, web­site, check this out).

3. Pen­guin hit sites that had a lack of inter­nal links. Hav­ing way too many links go to the home­page and not spread­ing the love out to your inner pages will raise a red flag to Google.

4. Tiered link build­ing still works and works well, but you have to have a strat­egy that includes keep­ing your diver­sity high.

Here’s a great arti­cle from Viper­chill about Pen­guin 2.1 and the effects that it had.

What is this Vol­ume Mod­ule thing and what do I select?

The Vol­ume Mod­ule is the sec­ond half of our con­tent dis­tri­b­u­tion process. After you get your Author­ity Mod­ule report, we take each super-spun arti­cle that we cre­ated for you and slow drip arti­cle sub­mis­sions to our pri­vate HOTH net­work over 3–4 weeks. It mim­ics the syn­di­ca­tion of author­ity con­tent in our viral dis­tri­b­u­tion process. We don’t start this process until after we send out your Author­ity Mod­ule report.

The HOTH net­work is totally pri­vate and 100% con­trolled by us. We’ve found it to be safe and effec­tive at rank­ing spe­cific key­words but since it involves the mass dis­tri­b­u­tion of con­tent, we give you a few options so that you get more control.

For most sites that don’t have a lot of high qual­ity back links already, we highly rec­om­mend point­ing the Vol­ume Mod­ule towards The HOTH’s Top Level blogs.

If you are try­ing to rank a Youtube video, Ama­zon page, or any other page on a super-high author­ity domain, you can point the Vol­ume Mod­ule directly to your tar­get page for the biggest link boost pos­si­ble. High author­ity web­sites can han­dle a lot of links with­out any issues.

What other prod­ucts do you rec­om­mend I use?

This is an excit­ing time to be a HOTH user. For the first time ever, we have mul­ti­ple com­pli­men­tary prod­ucts to assist with your var­i­ous SEO needs.

HOTH Local: The only all-in-one local rank­ing machine. This is for local busi­nesses with a real busi­ness address. HOTH Local is a com­plete solu­tion that includes a cita­tion audit, local cita­tions, rich media cita­tions and social cita­tions. You can now order HOTH Local from inside your HOTH cus­tomer dashboard!

Lock My Brand: Take charge of your brand’s rep­u­ta­tion by secur­ing your user­name on the top social sites. We’ll reg­is­ter the top social pro­files on the net for your spec­i­fied user­name, upload a pic­ture, add a descrip­tion, fill out the pro­file and add a link. Take full con­trol over your link build­ing by rent­ing links from high author­ity sites in what­ever niche you have. High PR links are a big part of any suc­cess­ful campaign.

I have an adult site, can you guys still HOTH me?

Sorry, we don’t accept adult top­ics at the HOTH at this time.

Do you take care of my onsite SEO as well?

At The HOTH we strictly focus on build­ing high qual­ity links and we leave the on-site SEO for you to take care of. If you would like a refer­ral for expert on-site SEO help, please just let our sales team know.


Any other ques­tions? Leave them in the comments!

Recurring HOTHs & Scheduled Orders Are Here!

Get started with your HOTH Sub­scrip­tion cam­paign today!

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Set It And For­get It HOTHs

If there is one thing that’s been made clear to us, it’s that our cus­tomers want Set-It-And-Forget-It ser­vices for a bunch of dif­fer­ent reasons:

1. You’re busy — You have more impor­tant things to do than come to our por­tal and place new orders every month.
2. SEO is an ongo­ing process — You’re going to want a con­sis­tent stream of links com­ing into your site keep­ing it alive and rank­ing.
3. Traf­fic is unlim­ited, there is always more — The num­ber of key­words your can tar­get is infi­nite, there are long tails until the end of time.
4. Com­pe­ti­tion — Your com­pe­ti­tion doesn’t stop build­ing links.

Today we’re launch­ing set it and for­get it sub­scrip­tion order­ing. This makes it easy as pie to set up a cam­paign and will leave you con­fi­dent know­ing that we’ll be build­ing con­sis­tent links to your sites just like clock work, exactly to your specifications.

We think this is going to be an awe­some fea­ture that will save you loads of time.

Here’s How It Works

1) Place an order — Set up an order like nor­mal, and then just choose to run your cam­paign weekly or monthly. We’ll place a new order for you on the sched­ule that you set automatically.

weekly or monthly Recurring HOTHs & Scheduled Orders Are Here!

2) Change your key­words or URLs at any time or leave them the same — You can log into our por­tal and change your URLs or key­words at any time. When the next pack­age is sched­uled to run, we’ll run it with your new key­words. If you don’t change your key­words, we’ll just exe­cute your pack­age like nor­mal. We even build in auto­matic anchor text diver­sity in our vol­ume mod­ule to help avoid over-optimization!

scheduled order screen Recurring HOTHs & Scheduled Orders Are Here!

3) No Com­mit­ment. Upgrade, Down­grade, or Can­cel Any­time. Sim­ple as that.


Get New Top Level Domains Each Time With Sched­uled Orders

On top of the ease of order­ing and flex­i­bil­ity, we wanted to give you some­thing even more: A bet­ter product.

Right now, if you order the hoth ala-carte, we build you a new word­press, blogspot, and tum­blr each time. These domains are great for 1 time orders, but if we know we’re going to be work­ing on the same cam­paign over the course of mul­ti­ple pack­ages, we want to give you more diversity.

When you order the HOTH on sub­scrip­tion, we’ll build top lev­els from com­pletely new domains each time a new pack­age runs, max­i­miz­ing the diver­sity you get from author­i­ta­tive sources. We inves­ti­gated and vet­ted over 30+ high author­ity prop­er­ties that we will build as top levels.

Future Sched­uled Orders

We also built in the abil­ity to set up a HOTH to run at a future spec­i­fied date. Just select the date that you’d like the HOTH to be placed on the cal­en­dar, and after you’re done it will appear in your sched­uled orders tab.

future order Recurring HOTHs & Scheduled Orders Are Here!


With sub­scrip­tion HOTHs, we hope to help auto­mate your work­flow and take off the bur­den of orga­niz­ing cam­paigns every month.

This is one of the biggest game chang­ers we’ve done at the HOTH and our goal is to make your life easier.

Get started with your HOTH Sub­scrip­tion cam­paign today!

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New: The UPGRADED Volume Module

There’s been a lot of shake­ups recently in the news for every­one who’s in SEO. So when you’re build­ing links for your­self or your clients, you want to know that you’re work­ing with a part­ner that’s on the cut­ting edge, con­stantly evolv­ing, and stay­ing ahead of the game.

…And that’s exactly what we’re doing at the HOTH.

Today, I’m really excited to bring to you our lat­est news and a MASSIVE upgrade for our ser­vice. I’m going to tell you how we came to where we are today, what that means for you, and how we’re stay­ing ahead of the curve.

Let’s get into it.

(Watch the video, or read the post below!)

Con­tinue read­ing

Tags for The HOTH — Organize Your Link Building How You Want To

When you’re work­ing on numer­ous link build­ing cam­paigns, it can be hard to keep track of them all. You want to be able to orga­nize by account man­ager, client, sea­son or any­thing else that’s impor­tant to you.

That’s why we cre­ated Tags for The HOTH.

Tags allows you to assign as many orga­ni­za­tional tags as you want to any cam­paign. These aren’t key­words for us to use for link build­ing. Just tags that you can later sort by to make your life easier.

Watch the video above to see Tags for The HOTH in action.

Avail­able now in The HOTH Cus­tomer Por­tal for exist­ing accounts and New Link Build­ing Cus­tomers.

Leave your ques­tions, com­ments and feed­back in the com­ments below!