Announcing: The HOTH 3 (Finally)

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Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the  The HOTH 3, our most effec­tive, safest and most con­sis­tent seo link build­ing solu­tion to date.

The HOTH 2 was an impor­tant phase in the product’s evo­lu­tion. It served over 3000 cam­paigns. In that time, we acquired almost 1000 of the world’s top SEOs as our clients. We’ve kept our ear to the ground, stayed hum­ble and lis­tened to your feed­back. Like­wise, we’ve paid close atten­tion to the changes in the search engines and adapted to stay sev­eral steps ahead.

The HOTH 3 includes over 50 indi­vid­ual
improve­ments, based on your feedback.

Here are the 7 that you need to know about.

  • Bet­ter Con­tent — Hands down, the #1 request we’ve received since begin­ning The HOTH is bet­ter writ­ten con­tent. We’re happy to announce our tight­est con­tent stan­dards and most effec­tive copy­writer train­ing pro­gram to date. We’re extremely picky in who we bring on board, often sift­ing through 50–100 appli­cants just to find a good one. Fur­ther­more, we’ve invested in full­time staff devoted to qual­ity con­trol while keep­ing the price exactly the same to you. We rec­og­nize that an invest­ment in qual­ity is an invest­ment in your loy­alty and a sav­ings in averted support.

    Like­wise, the launch of The HOTH 3, marks the release of HOTH Plus+ from pri­vate beta. HOTH Plus+ makes The HOTH the first 1-stop link build­ing prod­uct to offer 100% US college-educated copy­writ­ten con­tent! Learn more below.

  • Panda Proof­ing — In 2011, Google announced its now infa­mous usabil­ity fil­ter, The Panda Update. Panda drops site’s rank­ings based on poor usabil­ity. This usabil­ity data is col­lected via Google Ana­lyt­ics, Google Chrome, and other data sources. We’ve mon­i­tored these devel­op­ments closely to improve the prod­uct and keep it future-proof (check out our insanely pop­u­lar webi­nar — Every­thing You Need to Know About Panda 3.3 and What to Do About It).

    The HOTH 3 doesn’t just have SEO opti­mized con­tent, but each arti­cle and prop­erty cre­ated is opti­mized for user expe­ri­ence as well. This means that there are more rel­e­vant images & videos embed­ded in all of the arti­cles and prop­er­ties we cre­ate for you than ever before. We’ve even taken steps to dis­con­tinue post­ing to sites with par­tic­u­larly poor usabil­ity, while replac­ing them with bet­ter ones.

  • More Pow­er­ful, Diver­si­fied Struc­ture- The power of The HOTH is in its abil­ity to mimic the path of viral con­tent. This nat­ural process, con­sist­ing of top-level, author­i­ta­tive prop­er­ties pub­lish­ing con­tent and lower-level prop­er­ties cit­ing and syn­di­cat­ing that con­tent, is exactly what search engines love to see. With The HOTH 3, we’ve taken this a step further.

    The HOTH 3 intro­duces a 2nd, com­pletely inde­pen­dent viral link struc­ture known as the Power Arti­cle Mod­ule (PAM). This means more link juice, in less time, with less foot­print than ever before. PAM links come from our new inter­nal net­work of ultra high qual­ity, 0-footprint, UX opti­mized sites.

    In addi­tion to PAM, The HOTH 3 brings greater ran­dom­iza­tion to the link­ing pat­tern of our viral struc­ture. We’ve also added an extra help­ing of social book­marks direct to your money site, just because we like you (and the social sig­nals couldn’t hurt).

    You can see these changes in The HOTH 3 info­graphic below.

  • HOTH Plus+ Released — One of the most excit­ing devel­op­ments! HOTH Plus+, our 100% US col­lege edu­cated copy­writ­ing upgrade to both orig­i­nal HOTH pack­ages, has been in beta for 3 months. The response has been over­whelm­ingly positive.

    The goal of HOTH Plus+ is to thrill the pick­i­est SEOs and their clients. There­fore, The HOTH Plus+ writ­ers are not the best of the Philip­pines nor India nor US-based teenagers work­ing for min­i­mum wage. We’ve recruited a team of tal­ented pro­fes­sion­als that have been rig­or­ously screened for writ­ing abil­ity. This means a more pro­fes­sional prod­uct for you to resell at higher mar­gins, with less cus­tomer con­cerns than ever before.

    Click here for HOTH Plus+ writ­ing samples

  • Safer than Ever — In addi­tion to Panda proof­ing, a more diver­si­fied link struc­ture, and bet­ter con­tent than ever, we’ve built mech­a­nisms to ensure that every link we build comes from a safe neigh­bor­hood online. This will help you sleep bet­ter at night when you resell The HOTH to your clients.
  • Improved Index­ing — Sim­ply put, improved index­ing of links means you’re get­ting more results for your dol­lar. If the search engines find your links faster and more con­sis­tently, you rank sooner and more con­sis­tently as well.
  • Count­less UX improve­ments that’ll make you smile. — ‘Nuff said then.

Mean­while, 3 things remain the same.

  • Same no brainer princing.
  • Same A+, Chicago, USA based support.
  • Same ded­i­ca­tion to Hitting you Over The Head.

The HOTH 3 — its just more of a HOTH.

HOTH 3 available now Announcing: The HOTH 3 (Finally)

hoth3 infographic v11 Announcing: The HOTH 3 (Finally)

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